Best tuning tools is only selling the best tuning tools on the market. This will give us a certain amount assurance on the support and ease of use of the tools we’re selling. You will find a list of our favourite brands below. These brands sells both OBD and BENCH tuning tools. Some tools differs for the protocols and some has both protocols. It depends on the brands and types of the vehicles that you want to start tuning with.

In our experience is Autotuner the easiest and best tool on the market right now.


The Autotuner tool is one of the most fast and simple tuning tools on the market. We Highly recommend you to use this tuning tool because of the benefits it offers. One of the most important benefits of the Autotuner tuning tool is a free lifetime of updates, that’s right, there are no subscriptions needed with the use of this tuning tool.


Alientech is an Italian company that since 1991 has been carrying out improvement in the field of engine tuning. Because the tools and software developed by a team of the best developers is Alientech in the top of the tuning tool companies. Alientech has recently launched the KESS3 tool. The KESS3 is the successor of the popular KESSv2 and K-Tag tools. 

CMD Flashtec

The CMD Flashtec Chiptuning tool is made by the Swiss company Flashtec SA. CMD-Flash is one of the popular tools on the Chiptuning market. The CMD Flashtec tuning tools are specially designed for diesel engines. With the OBD-connector is it easy to read and write the ecu of the vehicle. With the CMD-Flashtec tool is it possible to flash most of the european and korean diesel vehicles.

Magic motorsport

Magic motorsport offers you an original set of hardware and software solutions for the automotive industry. In the early 2000s, Magic Motorsport introduced the MAGPro2; a programming system of engine and transmission operation management that introduced a new working standard in its sector thanks to their effective Tech Support.

Tuning files

When you’ve made your choice in the tuning tool that you want to use for your programming, the next step is the use of a file service. Our fileservice will give you the service you need. has over 15 years of experience in developing performance optimisation files for all vehicles. Get in touch to request more information. Or visit our website.