WinOLS reseller and EVC database is a WinOLS reseller. WinOLS is an application which makes it possible to modify the content of ECUs. With WinOLS is it possible to search and find maps which can be named and viewed in different ways and changed. To make it possible to change the contents and sources, WinOLS offers different functions to edit the maps. 

When changing or editing the ECU software, WinOLS makes it possible to save it as a new project. All the ECU and customer data can be saved in the project of the ECU. When working on a project, modifications or versions will be saved automatically in a different version. This will result in easier version management and easy file exporting. 

With your WinOLS application with a license you can view and shop in the EVC database. 24-7chiptuningtools offers a big EVC tuning file database. With a numerous amount of files and other modifications. Think about stage 1 tuning, VMAX removal, DPF removal, etc.. Our EVC database contains around 25000 ready to use software projects. These software projects can be used as a base for working on your own projects.  

WinOLS is available in German and English. 

WinOLS requires some software development experience before starting. We do not recommend using WinOLS as an inexperienced tuner, this can cause problems and eventually break the ECU.