Difference between a slave and master tool

When you start with tuning you can make a choice if you’re buying a Slave tool or a Master tool. The most starting tuners without any experience are planning to buy a slave tool. When you have more experience in tuning or programming, you can start looking at a master tool.

So what is the difference between a Master and a Slave tool ?

Master tool

The biggest benefit of a Master tool is that the files are not encrypted. This means that you can modify the files yourself and send it to any tuning files provider.

The software for editing the file is not included with the Master tool. If you want to start programming and edit the software yourself you need software for this. Our engineers use EVC WinOLS.

Slave tool

The slave tools are connected to a master tool. This means that the written files only can be modified by a master tool. The biggest benefit of a slave tool against a master tool is that the slave tool is much cheaper. If you start tuning it can be good to buy a Slave tool connected to a Master and rely on our fileservice to start tuning.

If you bought a Slave tool, it is sometimes (depending on the tool) possible to transform it to a master tool. So if you want to take a next step in tuning and start programming you can make a request for a transformation and get to the next level.

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