The Autotuner tool is one of the most fast and simple Chiptuning tools on the market. We Highly recommend you to use this Chiptuning tool because of the benefits it offers. One of the most important benefits of the Autotuner tool is a free lifetime of updates, that's right, there are no subscriptions needed with the use of this Chiptuning tool.

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Everything You Need to Know About Autotuner tool

Autotuner tool is the perfect choice for businesses that rely upon efficient and comprehensive reprogramming vehicle solutions. Developed by chip tuners, Autotuner tool is fast, simple, and user-friendly, allowing technicians to quickly address problems without needing IT specialist assistance.

Additionally, Autotuner tool guarantees performance with its universal compatibility with all types of vehicles. Best of all, Autotuner tool can be taken advantage of at no additional cost thanks to its free updates that are available to users whenever needed.

With Autotuner tool on your side, hassle-free reprogramming cars has never been easier.

Read and Writing of Engine Control Units

It allows them to quickly read data from most engine control units and gearboxes - a task that would normally take days with traditional methods.

Autotuner's tool revolutionary diagnostic capabilities help technicians instantly identify errors in the engine system, enabling them to make swift corrections.

This can result in increased fuel efficiency and fewer breakdowns for vehicles on the road. By utilizing Autotuner tool, automotive technicians are ensuring that their customers receive top-notch service when it comes to repairs and maintenance services.

Automatic Checksum Correction

The use of an Autotuner tool allows you to make sure that your work is accurate, without having to manually calculate a Checksum. This innovative tool quickly scans each submitted document and corrects any mistakes found in the Checksum automatically during the writing process, thus freeing up valuable time which can be used for more productive tasks.

Meanwhile, since the errors are caught early on in the writing process, potentially damaging errors are prevented from occurring in the future.

Real-time Datalogging

If you're looking for real-time information about your vehicle, Autotuner's tool datalogging feature is a great option. With it, you can easily access detailed data relevant to your vehicle, selected and customized according to the manufacturer's specs.

Built with sophisticated design and powerful integration capabilities, Autotuner tool makes it easy to configure and fine-tune engines to get the most out of them.

One of the key features it provides is data logging, a process that collects and stores data so that engineers can analyze engine performance and modify settings accordingly. With reliable data-gathering capabilities, Autotuner tool can help ensure optimal performance in any tuning environment.

The resulting information is so precise that it makes tracking performance faster and easier than ever before. It's no wonder Autotuner tool has earned such a strong reputation as one of the leading data-logging tools in the automotive industry.

Back to Stock Feature

Getting back the original specifications of your vehicle can be a daunting pocket- and time-consuming project. But with Autotuner tool, the process of restoring the vehicle can be made much easier.

With its unique 'back to stock' feature, you can redesign and refit it according to its original state with just a few clicks. So, get ready to relive the thrill of driving your vehicle as soon as you have bought it by taking advantage of the Autotuner's tool 'back to stock' offering.

Reading and Deletion of DTC

An Autotuner tool is a device that can quickly diagnose, repair, and monitor cars. By using the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD-II) socket, it can instantly read Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), which are both generic and specific to each car manufacturer.

Furthermore, the Autotuner tool is capable of erasing these DTCs when necessary for maintenance or repairs. Its cutting-edge technology allows for a streamlined solution to vehicle service, saving time and money for any mechanic or owner who uses it.

Universal Autotuning Tool

The universal Autotuner tool offers more than the usual fare. Not only is it compatible with hundreds of units and thousands of vehicles, but it also offers new exclusive protocols on a regular basis.

This means that you're getting all up-to-date software, ensuring that your autotuning adventures are always running smoothly, no matter what vehicle you have. It strives to keep the Autotuners compatible with the latest and greatest tools available, so you can always be sure that your investment will stay up to date for years to come.

3 Different Methods of Using Autotuner tool


By utilizing the OBD (On Board Diagnostic) system, the Autotuner tool can read data from the vehicle's diagnostic port and advise on how to adjust fuel ratio and other running parameters.

This makes it easy for drivers to understand their car's performance as well as make informed decisions about what needs to be adjusted to enhance or improve its overall performance.


This method requires that the engine ECU be disassembled and opened so that a connection can be made on the ECU printed circuit board.

After making this connection, a specialized software tool called BOOT can then be used to access various tuning parameters of the engine, allowing for better performance and overall results.

By utilizing Autotuner tool, expert technicians are able to fine-tune the engine efficiently, granting it more power while retaining its reliable and safe operation.


Autotuner tool BENCH provides an easy and convenient way to tune your car's ECU without having to open up the ECU. With Autotuner tool BENCH, all you need to do is disassemble the ECU and connect it directly to the front socket of the ECU.

This hassle-free method will have your engine running at optimal performance in no time. So why bother with a complicated tuning process when this convenient Autotuner tool BENCH does all the hard work for you?

Exploring the Benefits of Autotuner - The Chiptuning Tool

Autotuner tool has become increasingly popular in recent years. If you're looking to maximize the performance of your vehicle, Autotuner tool is the perfect solution. But why do car owners need to use a chiptuning tool?

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