Alientech KESS3 is available!

Alientech has recently launched the KESS3. KESS3 is the next in line after the Alientech KESSV2 and the K-tag tools. The new KESS3 is a combination of both of the old tools. Because of this new improvement it is not necessary to buy the K-tag and the KESSv2 tool.

KESS3 Features

The KESS3 tool has some awesome new features, the new features are:
  • OBD, BOOT / Bench all in one tool
  • ECU cloning option
  • Bluetooth features
  • GPS features
  • Brand new Alientechsuite Interface
  • Interface customization options

Subscription & protocol changes

With the new KESS3 has made Alientech some changes in their subscriptions. The goal of these changes is too simplify the structure to meet the users better. They decided to seperate the subscriptions, so the users are able to choose a particulary vehicle and makes it still possible to combine it.

The new protocols are:

  • Car – LCV
  • Bike – ATV & UTV
  • Agriculture – Trucks & buses
  • Marine & PWC

Important information when ordering tools and protocols

Alientech offers existing users a trade and gives a discount up to 90% to existing customers. If you trade your KESSv2 or K-Tag tool it will result in a possibly big discount. To check if you are qualified for the discount, you can get in touch with us, because we have to check al the individual customers. One of our customer service agents might get in touch with you to ask for the subscription key.

Note: if you are a new customer, you can just order an Alientech through our website.

Custom deals

If you already in use of a KESSV2 Or K-tag reach out to us when you want to trade your current tool to order the KESS3 tool.