Alientech news update: Upgrade 1.0.5

Only with KESS3! New Alfa Giulia and Stelvio 2.2 JTDm E6d in Bench Mode

Reprogram and clone, without opening the control unit, the latest models of Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio 2022. Start working now, first of all and only thanks to KESS3!

First of all and only with KESS3, you work in Bench Mode on new Alfa Romeo vehicles equipped with Bosch EDC17C69 ECU.

We give you the possibility to read, write and clone dozens of vehicles without opening the control unit: intervene quickly and safely, with minimum margin of error. Thanks to this way of working, you can offer more services to your customers. In addition to reprogramming, in fact, the cloning of the control unit is also possible and it’s important for some repairs and in-depth interventions.

It’s essential arriving before others and offer the best and most efficient services to your customers. This update is proof of this: thanks to Alientech’s new KESS3 tool, you add even more business opportunities!

We also add two new Boot Mode protocols available on K-TAG to read, write and clone Bosch ME17.3.0 and Bosch EDC17C69 ECU’s.

Bosch EDC17C69

  RD, WR, Clone in Bench Mode

Gulia Q42.2 Multijet AT8Diesel154 Kw
Stelvio Q42.2 Multijet AT8Diesel154 Kw
Stelvio2.2 Multijet AT8Diesel 140 Kw
Giulia2.2 Multijet AT8Diesel140 Kw

Giulia: driving pleasure according to Alfa Romeo
There is no car with a perfect handling, but we can find many features that can certainly make the driving experience more enjoyable: this is why we talk about “driving pleasure”. This is what the Arese designers kept very clear in mind during the development of the new Alfa Romeo’s Sedan, and the adopted solutions are at the top: a very refined suspension scheme (double wishbone at the front and a multilink suspension system optimized by Alfa Romeo at the rear), precise and direct steering system, optimal weight balance and engines developed with the newest technologies.

An example of all, excluding the powerful 2.9l V6 engine equipped on the “Quadrifoglio Verde”, is the 2.2l multijet, developed specifically for Giulia and Stelvio. Thanks to a ball bearing turbocharger, variable valve timing and latest generation injectors, it offers an excellent compromise between running costs and performance, making it an excellent companion for those who have to go a long way not wanting to give up the fun of driving!

Bosch EDC17C69. Do more with ECM Titanium!
Thanks to ECM Titanium you can do much more: you’ll be able to optimize engine performance by adjusting the injection, torque and turbo pressure parameters to give more torque at the low-revs and more power at the high-revs and refine the tune by working on the correction maps of the various parameters.

Even with the less powerful versions, you can unlock the power at the levels of the more performing versions, as the main components of the engine are the same in the various power declinations.

Make the driving experience more satisfying and optimize the consumption of your customers’ cars with ECM drivers!

You can also have reading, writing and cloning, in Boot Mode, for ECU Bosch ME.17.3.0 and ECU Bosch EDC17C69. Get to the heart of the ECU for precise and profound interventions!

These two ECU’s – Bosch EDC17C69 and Bosch ME17.3.0 – are supported by K-TAG.

Bosch ME17.3.0

  RD, WR, Clone in Boot Mode

5951.4 Turbo T-JetPetrol107 Kw
5951.4 Turbo T-JetPetrol121 Kw
5951.4 Turbo T-JetPetrol132 Kw
6951.4 Turbo T-JetPetrol132 Kw

Bosch EDC17C69

  RD, WR, Clone in Boot Mode

Giulia Q42.2 Multijet AT8Diesel154 Kw
Stelvio Q42.2 Multijet AT8Diesel154 Kw
Stelvio2.2 Multijet AT8Diesel140 Kw
Giulia2.2 Multijet AT8Diesel140 Kw