Alientech news update: Upgrade 1.0.8

The update includes five new control units fitted on Aprilia, Kawasaki bikes and CF Moto ATVs. In particular: 

  • Bosch MED17.8.10
  • Denso 21175-1594
  • Denso 21175-0053
  • Denso 21175-0051
  • Magneti Marelli IAW 11MP

This is a diversified upgrade to offer more and more services to your customers. Although the ways of working are different, you’ll need only one tool – KESS3!

You will be able to work on the brand new Aprilias in OBD; or intervene on the control unit – in BENCH or BOOT – for complex and delicate operations, necessary on motorcycles of the first decade of 2000, such as the Kawasaki Z 750 and 1000 equipped with Denso 21175-0051 and Denso 21175-0053 ECUs. A note also for the ATVs on the list – CF Moto equipped with Bosch MED17.8.10 – fun and versatile vehicles, which find more and more space and following in many markets.


  RD, WR in Boot Mode

Tuono660 FactoryPetrol74 Kw
Tuono660Petrol70 Kw
Tuareg660Petrol59 Kw
RS660Petrol74 Kw
RSV41100Petrol159 Kw

Bosch MED17.8.10

  RD, WR in Bench Mode

UFORCE600 Petrol30 Kw
UFORCE1000 Petrol59 Kw
ZFORCE 10001000 SportPetrol59 Kw

Denso 21175-0051

  RD, WR in Bench Mode

Z1000Petrol93 Kw

Denso 21175-0053

  RD, WR in Bench Mode

Z1000Petrol81 Kw

Denso 21175-1594

  RD, WR in Boot Mode

Z900Petrol92 Kw 

Aprilia Tuono and RS 660. In-depth technical analysis.
Modern lines, a lot of technology on board and, finally, a displacement that has been missing in the Aprilia lists for a long time: the new Tuono and RS 660 are the link between the small 125s and the very powerful 1100cc RS and Tuono V4 superbikes.

In Noale they did not go light with the new mid-range bikes: a 659cc, 100hp and 67Nm twin-cylinder engine, a frame worthy of a higher category motorbike and superbike electronics, including anti-wheelie, adjustable traction control on 8 levels, ride by wire and adjustable engine brake, to complete the equipment. Thanks to the know-how and experience gained by Aprilia in racing, the new Tuono and RS660 have top performance, and fun is guaranteed!

Make your customers’ experience even more unique, or try your hand at more intense preparations, for example for competitive use, of the new 660s from Noale!
You can offer even more adrenaline and fun with ECM and KESS3: read the ECU easily in OBD, intervene on the injection parameters, air control and advance to improve the response of the engine at various rpm, and intervene on the management of the drive by wire to customize throttle response.