Alientech news update: Upgrade 1.15

Upgrade 1.15: Yamaha Ténéré 700

Another KESS3 update dedicated to the motorbike world! Now you can work via OBD on Denso ECUs (SH7058) for the Yamaha brand and in BOOT mode for the Kawasaki.

One tool, three modes, thousands of supported vehicles. Four new control units are now available: give your offer more power and get more revenue.

Supported ECU’s:

  • Denso SH7058
  • Denso 21175-13XX
  • Denso 21175-0985
  • Denso 21175-1554

Thanks to the technologically advanced KESS3 platform, you can work hand-in-hand with the rider and satisfy his every need in the shortest time ever.

Denso SH7058

 VR, WR in OBD Mode

FJRFJR 1300Petrol108 Kw
FJRFJR 1300 ABSPetrol108 Kw
FJRFJR 1300 AEPetrol108 Kw
MTMT-07Petrol55 Kw
MTMT-09Petrol85 Kw
MTMT-10Petrol118 Kw
NikenNiken 850Petrol85 Kw
TenereTenere 700Petrol55 Kw
T-MaxXP 530 T-MaxPetrol34 Kw
TracerTracer 700Petrol55 Kw
TracerTracer 900Petrol55 Kw
TracerTracer 900Petrol85 Kw
TracerTracer 900 GTPetrol85 Kw
XSRXSR 700Petrol55 Kw
XSRXSR 900Petrol85 Kw
XTXT 1200Z Super TenerePetrol82 Kw
YZFYZF-R1Petrol147 Kw
YZFYZF-R6Petrol87 Kw

Denso 21175-13XX

RD, WR in Boot Mode

Ninja400 KRT EX400Petrol33 Kw
Ninja400 KRT EX400 ABSPetrol33 Kw

Denso 21175-0985

RD, WR in Boot Mode

Ninja650Petrol50 Kw
Ninja 650 KRTPetrol50 Kw
Ninja H2 1000Petrol147 Kw
NinjaH2 1000Petrol151 Kw
Versys650 ABSPetrol51 Kw
Z650 Petrol50 Kw
Z650 ABSPetrol50 Kw

Denso 21175-1554

RD, WR in Boot Mode

Z900 A2Petrol92 Kw
Z650Petrol50 Kw