Alientech news update: Upgrade 1.17

Work via OBD on DELPHI ETC3 control units equipped on the best trucks with PACCAR engines

A new KESS3 upgrade: work safe and easily on DAF, Kenworth, Peterbilt and Yutong trucks that made the history of road transport all over the world. Also operate on Bosch EDC7C4 and Denso 25841077 ECUs in Bench mode.

Expand your customer portfolio with this rich business opportunity dedicated to heavy-duty vehicles. Thanks to the updated protocol, with KESS3 you can read and write via OBD the ECUs of Paccar MX-13 and MX-11 engines that equip vehicles from 2015 to 2017. And from today, with the same tool, you can also reprogram and clone the ECUs of Mitsubishi Super Great and Isuzu H-Series.

Focus on supported ECU’s:

  • Delphi ETC3
  • Bosch EDC7C4
  • Denso 25841077

Satisfy your customers who are behind the wheels of these vehicles every day by offering a better service, with the most evolved hardware ever, enhancing its performance on all fronts, including fuel consumption. This is the perfect combination to increase your profit possibilities to invest, continuously, in your business.

Bosch EDC7C4 and Denso 25841077 ECU are also supported by K-TAG.

Delphi ETC3

  RD, WR in OBD

Xf106XF106.510 12.9LDiesel375 Kw
Xf106XF106.460 12.9LDiesel340 Kw
Xf106XF106.440 10.8LDiesel320 Kw
Xf106XF106.410 12.9LDiesel303 Kw

  RD, WR in OBD

T409T409 12.9L I6Diesel339 Kw
T409T409 12.9L I6Diesel375 Kw
T660T660 12.9L I6Diesel280 Kw
T660T660 12.9L I6Diesel368 Kw
T680T680 10.8L I6Diesel261 Kw
T680T680 10.8L I6Diesel316 Kw
T680T680 12.9L I6Diesel280 Kw
T680T680 12.9L I6Diesel368 Kw
T800T800 12.9L I6Diesel298 Kw
T800T800 12.9L I6Diesel357 Kw
T880T880 10.8L I6Diesel261 Kw
T880T880 10.8L I6Diesel316 Kw
T880T880 12.9L I6Diesel280 Kw
T880T880 12.9L I6Diesel368 Kw

  RD, WR in OBD

32010.8L I6Diesel206 Kw
32010.8L I6Diesel316 Kw
36512.9L I6Diesel280 Kw
36512.9L I6Diesel368 Kw
36712.9L I6Diesel280 Kw
36712.9L I6Diesel368 Kw
38912.9L I6Diesel280 Kw
38912.9L I6Diesel368 Kw
52010.8L I6Diesel316 Kw
56710.8L I6Diesel206 Kw
56710.8L I6Diesel316 Kw
56712.9L I6Diesel280 Kw
56712.9L I6Diesel368 Kw
57910.8L I6Diesel206 Kw
57910.8L I6Diesel316 Kw
57912.9L I6Diesel280 Kw
57912.9L I6Diesel368 Kw
58712.9L I6Diesel280 Kw
58712.9L I6 Diesel368 Kw

  RD, WR in OBD

CoachesZK6129HQ 10.8L I6Diesel291 Kw
Intercity BusesZK6121HQ 10.8L I6Diesel240 Kw

Bosch EDC7C4

  RD, WR and Clone in Bench Mode

Super Great12.8L 6M70-T1Diesel235 Kw
Super Great 12.8L 6M70-T2Diesel257 Kw
Super Great12.8L 6M70-T3Diesel279 Kw
Super Great 12.8L 6M70-T4Diesel309 Kw
Super Great12.8L 6M70-T5Diesel338 Kw
Super Great12.8L 6M70-T7Diesel382 Kw

Denso 25841077​

  RD, WR and Clone in Bench Mode

F-SeriesFVR 5.2 TDDiesel154 Kw
F-SeriesFTR 5.2 TDDiesel154 Kw
F-SeriesFSS 5.2 TDDiesel154 Kw
F-SeriesFSR 5.2 TDDiesel154 Kw
F-SeriesFRR 5.2 TDDiesel154 Kw

Three new protocols are active on KESS3: upgrade now! Work with the simplicity of the OBD connection or in BENCH mode, discover the secrets of these ECUs, take advantage and beat the competitors.

KESS3: the unique tool for your work
Do you want to get the best out of KESS3? Connect easily and faster to the supported ECUs and tune autonomously all types of vehicles.

Put your tuning vision into practice and expand the horizons of recalibration through modification and repair work.

Thanks to KESS3, customers save from spending money on the replacement of electronically controlled engine components. Especially in the heavy vehicle area, where machines are permanently stressed for long periods of time and costs increase.

Improve your customer loyalty with a unique, practical and affordable solution that benefits your business!

ECM Titanium: the winning strategy

Working on HGVs is not that simple. Especially when the vehicles you find in the workshop are in full use for many hours a day and, as a result, require the highest precision of service and the care of a professional.

Downtime is the carrier’s main enemy, but ECM Titanium gives you a help. Simple and intuitive, it is the portable software that allows you to work everywhere, everytime, to the benefit of your customer. Relying on professional tools is an investment that always pays off, especially in the field of rescheduling heavy road transport.

The Large Intervention with ECM Titanium
The Paccar MX-13 and MX-11 engines are the latest evolution of DAF propulsion produced for the all markets. Intervening on the calibration of these ‘giants’ is an excellent chance for a great gain. With ECM Titanium, you can get to a new performance step by modifying the engine control parameters to ensure better torque distribution and a significant reduction in fuel consumption – a hot topic for professional hauliers.

When it comes to repairs, ECM Titanium is your best ally. Through its multiple modes of intervention, you can go beyond the limits of mechanics, working on the motor control electronics to quickly solve the problem in just a few simple steps!

Alientech offers you the tool. Now it’s your turn, the solution is in your hands!