Alientech news update: Upgrade 1.31

Work via OBD on American cars equipped with Delco E67 control unit.

Read and write ECU’s installed on Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Pontiac and Saturn brand vehicles thanks to the new protocol for KESS3.

Your work is faster and safer thanks to KESS3 OBD read and write functions. Work on thousands of supported vehicles and meet your customers’ needs with a complete, tailor-made service, increasing your business opportunities every day.

New ECU supported:

  • Delco E67

Boost performance and optimize fuel consumption on General Motor’s big, powerful American engines. Work with unprecedented efficiency on the super-fast Camaro ZL1 and CTS-V, but not only that: a large piece of the market will become part of your workshop.

Delco E67

 RD, WR in OBD

Lucerne4.6 V6 12v 4ATPetrol205 kW
Rainier5.3 V8 16v 4ATPetrol225 kW
Terraza3.9 V6 12v 4ATPetrol179 kW

 RD, WR in OBD

CTS-V6.0 V8 16v 6MTPetrol299 kW
CTS-V6.2 V8 6MTPetrol432 kW
DTS4.6 V6 12v 5ATPetrol205 kW
SRX 4.6 V6 12v 5ATPetrol205 kW
STS4.6 V6 12v 5ATPetrol205 kW
XLR4.6 V6 12v 5ATPetrol205 kW

 RD, WR in OBD

Camaro ZL16.2 V8 ZL1 6ATPetrol432 kW
Camaro ZL16.2 V8 ZL1 6MTPetrol432 kW
Camaro ZL16.2 V8 ZL1 Convertible 6ATPetrol432 kW
Camaro ZL16.2 V8 ZL1 Convertible 6MTPetrol432 kW
Impala5.3 V8 16v 4ATPetrol225 kW
Montecarlo5.3 V8 16v 4ATPetrol225 kW
Trailblazer5.3 V8 16v 4ATPetrol225 kW
Trailblazer SS6.0 V8 16v 4ATPetrol299 kW
Uplander3.9 V6 12v 4ATPetrol179 kW

 RD, WR in OBD

Acadia3.6 V6 12v 6ATPetrol215 kW
Envoy4.2 L6 12v 4ATPetrol201 kW
Envoy5.3 V8 16v 4ATPetrol225 kW
Savana4.2 L6 12v 4ATPetrol201 kW

 RD, WR in OBD

G63.6 V6 12v 6ATPetrol215 kW
Gran Prix5.3 V8 16v 4ATPetrol225 kW
Montana3.9 V6 12v 4ATPetrol179 kW

 RD, WR in OBD

Aura2.4 16v 6ATPetrol126 kW
Aura3.6 V6 12v 6ATPetrol215 kW
Ion2.4 16v 6ATPetrol126 kW
Outloock3.6 V6 12v 6ATPetrol215 kW
Relay3.9 V6 12v 4ATPetrol179 kW
Sky2.4 16v 6ATPetrol126 kW
Vue2.4 16v 6ATPetrol126 kW
Vue3.9 V6 12v 6ATPetrol215 kW

The KESS3 vehicles list is always being updated, don’t miss out on the upgrades and find out which vehicles will benefit from your next intervention.

KESS3: the ideal mate for your work

Want to use the full potential of KESS3?

Connect in any of its modes (OBD – BENCH – BOOT), and discover the technology that drives the vehicles coming to your workshop.

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Every type of vehicle has its own logic of working provided by the manufacturer thanks to increasingly refined electronics. The huge engines managed by the Delco E67 ECU’s are an exemplary case study of how petrol engines can be worked on to shape the delivery curve. In this way, it is not just performance that will be the focus of reprogramming, but a true personalization of the driving style.

By working on the main parameters, such as air/fuel ratio management, injection and spark advance, you can change the engine characteristics in a few simple steps, while maintaining total reliability. With ECM Titanium you have all the necessary means to bring your calibration idea to life!

Easily and safely edit calibration files from any engine control unit and automatic transmission, guaranteeing the efficiency of your work.