Alientech news update: Upgrade 1.66

Work in BENCH mode on marine engines equipped with Bosch EDC16CP34 and Bosch EDC16UC40 control units

Thanks to two new protocols dedicated to the nautical sector, you can now read, write, and clone ECUs quickly and securely.

Create new job opportunities in a rapidly expanding niche market focused on tuning and repairing marine engines. Choose to work with KESS3 to reprogram the Deutz Marine TCD 2015M and Hyundai Seasall S-series engines reliably and without risking ECU damages, directly from the connector of the control unit.

New supported control units:

  • Bosch EDC16CP34
  • Bosch EDC16UC40

Offer a comprehensive reprogramming service: with KESS3 and the technological advantage at your disposal, you can optimize performance, reduce fuel consumption, and in this case, also perform ECU cloning.

Bosch EDC16CP34

RD, WR and Clone in Bench Mode

S-Series S220P 3.0 V6 CRDi Diesel 162 kW
S-Series S220S 3.0 V6 CRDi Diesel 162 kW
S-Series S250J 3.0 V6 CRDi Diesel 184 kW
S-Series S250P 3.0 V6 CRDi Diesel 184 kW
S-Series S250S 3.0 V6 CRDi Diesel 184 kW

Bosch EDC16UC40

RD, WR and Clone in Bench Mode

Marine Applications TCD 2015M – 11.9L 360 kW
Marine Applications TCD 2015M – 15.9L 500 kW

Grab this opportunity and activate the BENCH/BOOT Marine protocols. Start working immediately on the newly supported ECUs and grow your business.


With KESS3, you save your customers from spending huge amounts on replacing electronic engine management components.

Even in the nautical sector, especially concerning inboard engines, repair costs can skyrocket. Enhance customer loyalty with a unique, practical, and cost-effective solution that benefits your work!

KESS3: the unique tool for your work

Quick updates, three different connection modes (OBD – BENCH – BOOT), ease of use and sturdiness for your garage.

All in a single tool designed to work in the present and amaze in the future thanks to the constant updating of functions and protocols to help you in your daily work.

ECM Titanium, your right-hand tool for recalibration.

Discover the potential within the marine engine recalibration sector: a highly rewarding and consistently growing activity that brings immense satisfaction to both customers and calibration professionals.

Thanks to ECM Titanium, you can tune engine management parameters of each single ECU, potentially transforming the engine’s characteristics. This allows performance improvement while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption—a critical concern in the nautical field, particularly for those who use these vehicles every day for working purposes. Counting on professional software and tools is essential to provide a consistently reliable and effective service.

With ECM Titanium you have a workspace that enables you to recalibrate with ease and efficiency. Offer a swift and tangible solution that meets the demands of your customers, not only for marine engines but across all vehicle categories.