Alientech news update: Upgrade 1.74

Reprogram in BENCH mode the Bosch EDC15C7 and Bosch EDC17C72 ECUs, Bosch ZF 6HP19 TCU and Bosch EDC16CP34 ECU

Work for tuning and repair purposes on ECUs and TCUs installed on Honda and Hyundai vehicles.

With four new protocols for KESS3, you can now access and modify the supported models like Honda City, Hyundai Genesis (for transmission), Hyundai Veracruz/iX55 and Honda Civic directly from the ECU connector. Expand your workshop’s customer base by offering a comprehensive and reliable service for all vehicles coming at your doors.

Focus on the following ECUs:

  • Bosch EDC15C7
  • Bosch EDC17C72
  • Bosch EDC16CP34
  • Bosch ZF 6HP19

Meet all your customers’ needs with Alientech professional tools. This includes everything from performance tuning to fuel consumption optimization, as well as ECU or TCU repair through re-calibration or cloning.

Bosch EDC15C7

RD, WR in Bench Mode

Civic 1.7 8v CTDi Diesel 73 kW

Bosch EDC17C72

RD, WR in Bench Mode

City 1.5 i-DTEC 7MT Diesel 72 kW

Bosch EDC16CP34

RD, WR and Clone in Bench Mode

Ix55 3.0 V6 CRDi Automatic Diesel 176 kW
Veracruz 3.0 V6 CDTi 2WD Automatic Diesel 176 kW
Veracruz 3.0 V6 CDTi 2WD Automatic Diesel 180 kW
Veracruz 3.0 V6 CDTi 2WD Automatic Diesel 187 kW
Veracruz 3.0 V6 CDTi 4WD Automatic Diesel 176 kW
Veracruz 3.0 V6 CDTi 4WD Automatic Diesel 180 kW
Veracruz 3.0 V6 CDTi 4WD Automatic Diesel 187 kW

Bosch ZF 6HP19

RD, WR and Clone in Bench Mode

TCU Brand TCU Version Vehicle Brand FULL RD/WR Mode
Bosch ZF 6HP19 Hyundai Yes Bench

Explore the CAR – BENCH/BOOT protocols to get to the bottom of the intricacies of the calibration and have full control over the tuning process!

KESS3: the unique tool for your work

Quick updates, three different connection modes (OBD – BENCH – BOOT), ease of use and sturdiness for your garage.

All in a single tool designed to work in the present and amaze in the future thanks to the constant updating of functions and protocols to help you in your daily work.


Not just tuning! Working on automatic transmission control units presents a great opportunity for business, mainly focused on repair.

Expensive electronic components, including the TCU itself, which manages the mechanical system’s operation, can be saved from replacement.

So, through recalibration, you can save to your customer significant amounts of money! KESS3 and ECM Titanium are the fastest and most reliable tools to excel in your work.

Enhance your service with ECM Titanium: Bosch ZF 6HP19

Thanks to ECM Titanium calibration software you can modify the management parameters of any ECU, both for engine and automatic transmission. This allows you to tailor your service to meet your customer’s specific needs and increase gains.

Re-calibrating the TCU of the 6-speed torque converter in the Hyundai Genesis is a delicate operation, although it involves just a few simple adjustments to the file. This entry-level first-generation (6HP19) automatic transmission is designed to handle a maximum torque of up to 440 Nm. Despite this, it remains one of the most technologically advanced transmissions globally, thanks to its lightweight construction and a simplified component count.

For the best performance, it’s necessary to adjust the maximum torque values, shift timing and shift points. This ensures smoother gear shifting and reduces fuel consumption. With ECM Titanium you can unlock the potential of any vehicle with the simplicity and intuitiveness that has always characterized the software.