Reprogram on bench the new heavy-duty vehicles supported, branded Doosan, Mahindra, Shacman, Volkswagen, and Yutong

Satisfy customers entering your workshop with precise and efficient service.

Increase your workshop’s earning potential in the heavy-duty vehicle field with a comprehensive cloning service on Bosch DCU15C167 installed on Yutong trucks, as well as Continental SID605 ECUs managing Weichai engines of Doosan and Shacman vehicles. Also, work in ‘BENCH mode’ on Bosch EDC16C8 ECUs equipped on Volkswagen Trucks, and Bosch MD1CC898 fitted on the latest Mahindra trucks.

New supported ECUs:

  • Bosch DCU15C167
  • Bosch EDC16C8
  • Continental SID605
  • Bosch MD1CC898

Take advantage of the opportunity to work on vehicles from different parts of the world to broaden your experience and stand out in the market, offering quality services not only for heavy-duty vehicles but for a wide range of conveyances.

Bosch DCU15C167

RD, WR and Clone in Boot Mode

Coaches Zk6107HA 8.0L I4 Diesel 184 kW

Bosch EDC16C8

RD, WR in Bench Mode

Delivery 8.150 3.8L I4 Diesel 110 kW

Continental SID605

RD, WR and Clone in Boot Mode

Wheel Loader SD200-3 6.7L Diesel 92 kW

RD, WR and Clone in Boot Mode

SX331863366 13.0L WP13 Diesel 400 kW

Bosch MD1CC898

RD, WR in Bench Mode

Blazo X55 7.2L BS 6 Diesel 206 kW
Blazo X46 7.2L BS 6 Diesel 206 kW
Blazo X40 7.2L BS 6 Diesel 206 kW
Blazo X49 7.2L BS 6 Diesel 206 kW
Blazo X48 7.2L BS 6 Diesel 206 kW
Blazo X42 7.2L BS 6 Diesel 206 kW
Blazo X35 7.2L BS 6 Diesel 206 kW
Blazo X28 7.2L BS 6 Diesel 206 kW

Choose KESS3 to increase performance, repair, and reduce fuel consumption on the new supported vehicles with targeted interventions tailored to your customer’s needs.

KESS3: the unique tool for your work

Quick updates, three different connection modes (OBD – BENCH – BOOT), ease of use and sturdiness for your garage.

All in a single tool designed to work in the present and amaze in the future thanks to the constant updating of functions and protocols to help you in your daily work.


Thanks to KESS3, customers save from spending money on the replacement of electronically controlled engine components. Especially in the heavy vehicle area, where machines are permanently stressed for long periods of time and costs increase.

Improve your customer loyalty with a unique, practical and affordable solution that benefits your business!

Improve efficiency with ECM Titanium

Thanks to increasingly sophisticated engine-related electronics, a good calibration offers the opportunity to change a vehicle’s nature. Regarding heavy-duty vehicles, it’s important to focus on fuel consumption or repair. In this field, reprogramming services often aim at efficiency while increasing performance.

With ECM Titanium and through the correct process of modifying engine parameters, it’s possible to optimize the engine’s operation based on the desired usage, ensuring significant savings for your customer and consequent loyalty.

But the advantages don’t end there. With ECM Titanium, it’s also possible to provide fast and precise repair services, managing specific ECU parameters for each type of intervention. Create a continuous workflow in your workshop with ECM Titanium, the software that allows you to intervene on any calibration file.