Alientech news update: Upgrade 1.90

Bench remaps on several Benelli, CF Moto, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha motorbikes

Work with eight new protocols dedicated to two-wheelers and satisfy your customers.

Effectively work on Mitsubishi 21175-1124/1125, Denso 32910-10LXX, Denso BXX-8591A-XX, Keihin 38770-MXX, Keihin 38770-MXX-AXX-DXX, Mitsubishi F8T9647X, Denso 32920-41GXX and Delphi MT05.3 ECUs. Create your business in the performance field and beyond, by working all round on the management file of the new supported ECUs.

New ECUs:

  • Mitsubishi 21175-1124/1125
  • Denso 32910-10LXX
  • Denso BXX-8591A-XX
  • Keihin 38770-MXX
  • Keihin 38770-MXX-AXX-DXX
  • Mitsubishi F8T9647X
  • Denso 32920-41GX
  • Delphi MT05.3

Modify the engine parameters according to your customers’ needs to optimize its operation or unleash its full potential. Choose KESS3 to start your business in the world of motorbike reprogramming and expand the boundaries of your workshop.

Mitsubishi 21175-1124/1125

RD, WR in Bench Mode

Ninja ZX-14R 1400 ABS Petrol 155 kW
ZZR 1400 Petrol 147 kW
ZZR 1400 ABS Petrol 147 kW
ZZR 1400 Performance Sport Petrol 147 kW

Denso 32910-10LXX

RD, WR in Boot Mode

GSX 1300 R Hayabusa Petrol 140 kW
GSX R 1000 Petrol 149 kW
GSX S 1000 Petrol 110 kW
GSX S 1000 Petrol 112 kW

Denso BXX-8591A-XX

RD, WR in Boot Mode

MT MT-09 Petrol 88 kW
MT MT-10 Petrol 122 kW
MT MT-10 SP Petrol 122 kW
T-Max XP 560 Petrol 35 kW
T-Max XP 560 D Petrol 35 kW
T-Max XP 560 E Petrol 35 kW
T-Max XP560 Tech Max Petrol 35 kW
Tracer 9 Petrol 88 kW
Tracer 9 GT Petrol 88 kW
YZF R1 Petrol 147 kW

Keihin 38770-MXX

RD, WR in Boot Mode

CBR 1000 RR-R Petrol 160 kW
CBR 1000 RR-R Fireblade SP Petrol 160 kW
CRF CRF 1100L Africa Twin Petrol 75 kW
CRF CRF 1100L Africa Twin Adventure Petrol 75 kW
CRF CRF 1100L Africa Twin Adventure DCT Petrol 75 kW
CRF CRF 1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sport ES DCT Petrol 75 kW
CRF CRF 1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES Petrol 75 kW
CRF CRF 1100L Africa Twin DCT Petrol 75 kW
FORZA 750 Petrol 35 kW
FORZA 750 Petrol 43 kW
X-ADV X-ADV 750 Petrol 43 kW

Keihin 38770-MXX-AXX-DXX

RD, WR in Boot Mode

CB 650R Petrol 70 kW
CBR 500 R Petrol 35 kW
CBR 500 R ABS Petrol 35 kW
CBR 650R Petrol 70 kW

Mitsubishi F8T9647X

RD, WR in Boot Mode

Custom Boulevard C50 Petrol 36 kW

Denso 32920-41GX

RD, WR in Boot Mode

GSX-R 1000 Petrol 133 kW

Delphi MT05.3

RD, WR in Boot Mode

Imperiale 400 Petrol 16 kW

RD, WR in Boot Mode

Crossfire 500 Petrol 35 kW
Crossfire 125 XS Petrol 8 kW
Crossfire 500 X Petrol 35 kW

RD, WR in Boot Mode

Cforce 850 XC Petrol 44 kW

RD, WR in Boot Mode

RK 125 Petrol 10 kW
V 302 Petrol 22 kW

RD, WR in Boot Mode

Revolver 125 Petrol 8 kW

RD, WR in Boot Mode

RS 125 R Petrol 11 kW
RS 300 R Petrol 20 kW
RS 500 R Petrol 25 kW
Six 500 Petrol 22 kW
Sm 125 R Petrol 11 kW
Sm 500 R Petrol 20 kW

Activate the BIKE – BENCH/BOOT package and work on the new supported vehicles immediately. Remember, upgrade to KESS3 is only available with an active subscription.

KESS3: the ideal mate for your work

Want to use the full potential of KESS3?

Connect in any of its modes (OBD – BENCH – BOOT), and discover the technology that drives the vehicles coming to your workshop.

Use this information to your advantage and create your business!

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Performance target – Suzuki GSX-R 1000

Not just a motorbike but a true icon of the supersport world. A favourite among the Hamamatsu manufacturer’s enthusiasts, the “Gixxer” represents the evolution of the species. For more than thirty years it has been recognized for its balance between performance and personality, making it timeless and an object of desire for two-wheel enthusiasts. Multiple titles in all championships from endurance to Superbike confirm its potential, both on the road and on the track.

For the most demanding riders, can the legendary GSX-R, now configured with a 1000cc engine and almost 200 horsepower, not be enough? To express the full potential on the track or to feel truly unique, ECM Titanium recalibration software comes to the rescue. Thanks to ECM Titanium you can customize the character of the bike, making it more incisive or generous in delivery, according to your customer’s wishes.

You can easily and effectively optimize performance by working on certain engine management parameters. Choose ECM Titanium for your workshop: performance is just a click away.