Magic Motorsport news update: Flex

OBD solution for Marelli 9DF HW002

Program in OBD and OBD on Bench Marelli 9DF ECUs with hardware version HW002.

The new Flex update (vers. is out now, allowing you to read Internal Flash and External EEPROM memories, download the virtual read of our database and write the full content of the Internal Flash memory.

Change parameters of Multijet engines with last generation (HW002) 9DF Marelli ECUs: you will be able to program in OBD directly from the vehicle* or in OBD on Bench mode, thus exploiting the connection via the ECU connector.

*Please note that for real read and ECU writing from the diagnostic port, it is necessary to bypass the SGW module.

Some of the supported vehicles:

  • Fiat 500L 1.3L Multijet 95PS (2018)
  • Fiat 500X 1.3L Multijet 95PS (2020)
  • Fiat Ducato 2.3L Multijet 140PS (2020)
  • Fiat Tipo 1.3L Multijet 95PS (2019)

This new protocol is available for the following software packages:

  • FLS0.1M – SW Flex ECU (car, van, bike) OBD/Bench Master
  • FLS0.1S – SW Flex ECU (car, van, bike) OBD/Bench Slave
  • FLS0.5M – SW Flex Full Master
  • FLS0.5S – SW Flex Full Slave

Newly added protocols:

  • FCA Marelli 9DF HW002 Read/Virtual Read/Write/Checksum Calculation Internal Flash, Read External EEPROM, Read Full Backup

Writing Time: ~ 3 minutes and 30 seconds

Bug Fix

  • Added new CRC type for Ford MPS6
  • CRC fix for FCA Marelli MM10JA
  • CRC fix for VAG Continental Simos18.1

Software improvements

  •  Improved writing procedure on Vag Bosch MDG1 OBD