Magic Motorsport news update: Flex

Flex: OBD for MSE6.0 – US6.0 and Bench for MSE8.0

New Flex update released to program MSE6.0 and US6.0 ECUs in OBD, and to work on MSE8.0 engine units in Bench.

With this new version (, Magicmotorsport expands its range of supported vehicles, introducing over 40 new models of motorcycles, including Benelli and CF Moto.

Both protocols allow you to write ECU map areas, offering you the possibility to work on engine parameter calibration area, in order to increase power and cut on consumption.

You can now customize the performance of your motorcycle in just a few minutes, depending on your preferences and needs.

Please note:

In order to use the new protocol for MSE6.0, a new 6-pin OBD cable – specifically designed for Benelli motorcycles – has been launched. Buy the cable on our shop or file a request via chat or via the ticket system of Magicmotorsport (Sales Dept.).

Some of the supported vehicles:

  • Benelli 502C 500cc 48PS
  • Benelli TRK 502 500cc 48PS
  • CF Moto CForce 400cc 31PSF Moto CForce 600cc 42PS
  • CF Moto CForce 963cc 68PS
  • CF Moto NK 149cc 13PS
  • Moto Morini X Cape 649cc 62PS

This new protocol is available for the following software packages:

OBD / Bench

  • FLS0.1M – SW Flex ECU (car, van, bike) OBD/Bench Master
  • FLS0.1S – SW Flex ECU (car, van, bike) OBD/Bench Slave
  • FLS0.5M – SW Flex Full Master
  • FLS0.5S – SW Flex Full Slave
  • FLS0.13M – SW Flex Bikes OBD/Bench/Boot Master
  • FLS0.13S – SW Flex Bikes OBD/Bench/Boot Slave

Newly added protocols:


  • All Bosch MSE6.0 MPC5634 Read/Write/Checksum Calculation Maps

 Reading Time: ~ 20 seconds Writing Time: ~ 20 seconds

  • CF Moto Bosch US6.0 MPC5634 Read/Write/Checksum Calculation Maps

Reading Time: ~ 20 seconds Writing Time: ~ 20 seconds


  • All Bosch MSE8.0 SPC572 Read Internal Flash, Write/Checksum Calculation Maps

 Reading Time: ~ 4 minutes Writing Time: ~ 1 minute

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed CRC type for Ford Continental EMS22xx
  • Added new CRC type for All Continental M3C
  • Added new CRC type for Ford Bosch T93